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Welcome to Newton Park Pre-Primary! We are looking forward to a happy and fun-filled year with our learners.  Our 'newies' are settling in well and our Grade R classes (our 'oldies') feel very grown-up and special in their new classes.

We have introduced Neuronet in our Grade R classes this year and this is proving to be both popular and successful, with educators alraedy seeing positive results, and the learners eagerly anticipating what Jonathan will tell them what to do each day!

Our extension, consisting of storerooms and a Toy library, is a great boom, and we are really enjoying the extra space and making good use of our 'library', both for easy access to educational material and for housing our pre-grade R aftercare group.  We really are very fortunate.  Thank you to all who put so much effort into making it happen!

Parent-teacher interaction remains a priority at our school as we strive together to help each child be the best they can be.  If we can give extra support to learners who have developmental lags now, their future will be much smoother and enticing, and learning will continue to be fun.  Thank you to all who make the time in this busy world, to ensure that their children's specific needs are well-catered for in this vital time of development.

Although there appears to be a trend towards the introduction of more formal work in the pre-school phase, we continue to do our very best to provide our learners with opportunities to explore, discover and learn through play - play being a childs 'work'.  The discoveries they make now give them a good grasp of concepts and a strong foundation on which to build as they grow.  Only with this firm foundation and subsequent solid building blocks will we see an eventual improvement in school-leaving results!

Big 'thank you's' are owed to both our staff and our Management and PTA Committees for their continued dedication and commitment.